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Listening to tomorrow's stars, TODAY!

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Decoded hails from Los Angeles, California and boasts an impressive independent resume! I find their music to be a light-hearted flash similar to the melodic and heavily palm-muted 90′s which makes for a unique sound that keeps your foot tapping and head bobbing! Before I get too deep into their music, however, I want to talk about an event going on right now that they are hosting.

Rock For A Difference is a charitable music event being hosted by Decoded in Los Angeles every Thursday this May. With two weeks left, May 24th will benefit HeARTS Giving Hope while May 31st will benefit Rent.Food.Broke. They are setting up lots of great bands and hosting raffles for band-donated items from which all proceeds will be donated to the day’s featured organization. Check out the Lineup and make a show!

Right now the details of the band are purposefully shrouded as it was a chance start-up just recently in 2011. Vocalist Derek Jordan met up with well-known producer Davey Julson-Rieley and created Decoded while working on the album to be called “The Split.” we can only wait anxiously for some light to be shed on the situation this year when “The Split” is released!

There are two tracks that have been released so far, however, and both are great songs! I favor “Open Season” over “Lost No More” because of its catchy riff-heavy chorus that maintains a light and up-beat tone. Stream it below and let me know what you think about it!

Also, leave a comment with your thoughts on Rock For A Difference and the band’s general secrecy!

3rd Echo

“Think about it. Isn’t it the one you anticipate the most?” – 3rd Echo

3rd Echo is out of new Orleans, LA and was formed way back in 1992. They rode out Katrina with the determination that helps them produce such great tracks, and now they are as strong as ever!

The concept for 3rd Echo came from Manny Reyes and Vinny Mann, two schoolmates who just wanted to play some Rock music! While playing around New Orleans, they have carved out quite a name for themselves.

Their album “Will You Listen” is available now in stores, but you can also listen to the whole things streaming from their ReverbNation page! 3rd Echo has a unique sound that blends catchy riffs and some reggae undertones with a deep feel for the classic rock. I was tapping along right away, and you will be too during their power tracks like “What I Feel” and “Blame It.”

Below we have a video featuring “What I Feel” which is a little more mellow, but if you are looking for something a little rougher, take a listen to “Blame It.” “What I Feel” will start off making you wish you were down on the coast somewhere. However, the song is without a doubt Rock due to the intricate guitar riffs and phrases that pepper the rest of the song.

So hit play below, sit back, grab a beer, and let 3rd Echo rock your world a minute or two!


In describing their music, Nothingsaint said, “If you take Chevelle, Avenged Sevenfold, Seattle Grunge, Blue October, and Neil Diamond…Put them in a Ford Explorer and park it under the tree by the picnic table, You’d begin to get an idea of Nothingsaint’s Diversity.” And I have to agree, with the added comment that their sound is some of the easiest listening Hard Rock you will come across, which is a very good thing!

Nothingsaint hails from Greenville, South Carolina and is comprised of PJ Hardy (Vocals), Wes De Witt (Bass/Vocals), Tony Pilot( Drums), Kraig Hayhurst (Guitars/Vocals), and Mark McKenzie (Guitars/Vocals). The just cut their debut album, The Golden Mean, which features ten ridiculously good tracks including 2010 1st place winner at the Billboard World Song contest, “Always Remind Me.”

Nothingsaint has it all, dominating drums and guitars with amazing vocals. They showcase the kind of talent that takes a saturated music industry by storm and jumps to the headlining spots at concerts and festivals before anyone knows what’s happening! If you don’t know Nothingsaint now, believe me, you will in a year or two!

Listen to more Nothingsaint on ReverbNation for free, including “Always Remind Me!” But do NOT miss their track, “If Only You Knew” below. It’s a little more chill and mass-appealing, while “Always Remind Me” displays their more metal side. ENJOY!

Moving Atlas

Moving Atlas is a band that has been fighting through the trenches of an upstart Rock Band with everything they’ve got! Based out of Dallas, TX the five-piece alternative rock band has been around a while and seen their fair share of tragedy, but have persevered and managed to cut a few EPs  and a self-titled full length album. They had a song featured on the Rock Band games and have won a few music contests beating out names like Korn! While sorting through a few flimsy development and management deals, Moving Atlas didn’t get drug down into to pits of dealings and names but rather stuck to what they do best; making great music!

After severing a development as well as a management deal, Moving Atlas produced the Machina EP as a testament to their independence. Five power tracks fronted by “Crawl Out In The Cold” showcase the talent that is present in the band. We are featuring “Crawl Out in the Cold” below (just hit play) because it is a great song, but also because it has an easy and laid-back feeling with some really powerful lyrics.

After checking out the Machina EP on iTunes you should check out some of their older stuff. Songs like “How We’re Infected” or “Elephant Gun” will keep you rocking! You can get some free listens on their ReverbNation page and for all the Moving Atlas info you can handle, stop by their official site!

In closing, Moving Atlas is what the world of Rock music needs more of; a band that refuses to quit, doesn’t need any help, and doesn’t know how to do anything but rock your face off! They have it all, relaxed melodic ballads to shredding riffs with a touch of dirty vocals (not lyrics) to bring it all together!

Moving Atlas is:

Dunagin Gaines – Vocals
Ricky Dansby – Guitar / Backup Vocals
Ben Scott – Guitar
Geoff Lucke – Bass
Ross Rubio – Drums / Backup Vocals

Special thanks to Ricky Dansby for reaching out to me and hanging in there with my busy schedule, you Rock Brotha!

American Bloomers – Jane Sheldon

Did we save the best for last? You tell us!

The final piece of our three-part interview with American Bloomers features Jane Sheldon. Having studied music at Berkeley and spending some time sharing her passion for music with children, she got together with Jonathan, her brother, to form the next big thing in the world of Rock!

Start the video below to complete the inside look at American Bloomers with an amazing conversation with Jane!

Then go buy their debut EP “Part One”